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squarepicIn Part 2 of this series, Ruth continues her meticulous deep-dive into the various methods used to join skirts to bodices from 1810 to 1850.

squarepicWhat's the best way to attach those beautiful 1810-1850 skirts and bodices together? Ruth discovers solutions for hand and machine methods. 

thumbnailCostume departments use "bibles" to keep a record of garments made for a specific production. Bernadette gives us easy templates to make our own!

zwirnorigbeautysimplicityChoosing the right buttons makes a real difference to a final garment. Gina shows us how to make textile buttons for shirts and undergarments. 

Image 42   moth finalHave a perfect vintage button, but need more? Lina shows us how to use modern tech to duplicate antique buttons. 

31HistoryboundingWhat is Historybounding? Morgan introduces us to an exciting new way to incorporate historical fashion into everyday clothes. 

squarepicButtons can be both beautiful and functional, but when were different kinds of buttons popular? Hannah gives us an overview.

 Poison IvyDesigning a new costume for a well-known character can be hard. Sophie explains how she created a new look for a Poison Ivy fan-film. 

iconFabric manipulation gives gorgeous results - without spending money on trims. Lauren shows us how she's used smocking.

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