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Appropriate Embroidery 2 by Denise HendrickWhat if all your painstaking embroidery is from the wrong period entirely? Avoid the nightmare with part 2 of Denise's essential guide!

Bustles, Bustles and More Bustles by Christina DeAngeloWhat's not to love about a bustle gown? Christina puts aside the lobster tail, makes some different bustles and compares the effects.

Princess, from a St. George statue group, Swabia, about 1440, Bavarian National MuseumMemory is fallible, so if you get a chance to photograph a museum collection, do it! Here are Marion's tips for great pictures in museums. 

Maria Hendrika of Belgium, 1865, probably wearing WorthExploring Charles Frederick's story to find the secrets behind his genius, and thus capture the magic of Worth in our own work.

squarepicMeet Slogger Rose of The Ragged Victorians, who reject silks and crinolines to portray the great unwashed of 19th century society.

quarepicWith a little practice you can draft an 1890s sleeve just like the pros used to. Here, Nicole walks us thorugh several different sleeves from 1897. 

squarepicCan't afford bespoke historic shoes to match your outfit? Caroline shows how to dye and embellish store-bought shoes to make them your own.

squarepicNikki continues her journey through the world of Swiss Waist Belts, drafting one from scratch and one from an original Victorian pattern.

squarepicIf specialist period shoes are outside your budget, here's how to revive, alter or modify existing shoes with skills you already have.

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