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Placemat Bergere Hats, Part 1 by Chantal FilsonThe bergere hat looks terrific on everyone. Chantal walks us through making a perfectly lovely one from a placemat, of all things!

Swiss Waist, 4: The Historical Pattern by Nikki SwiftNikki concludes her Swiss waist study by constructing a final garment from an original 1860 pattern using accurate methods.

Beyond the Cloche by Marion McNealyIn the beginning there was the Cloche, and that was the only truly fashionable hat in the 1920s. Or was it? Marion sets the record straight!

Interview with Mark WallisMark Wallis, who has been called the "Father of Live Interpretation in the UK", tells us about his innovative approach to the past.

iconNow that we've studied many original Swiss Waists, here's how to draft and construct as close to the original style as possible.

Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To by Christina DeAngeloThe lobster tail bustle is a classic for a reason. Here, Christina shows us how to put some junk in that trunk (includes free pattern).  

Jennifer Rosbrugh, historicalsewing.comJennifer Rosbrugh is one of those lucky costumers who has turned her hobby into a career. Here she tells us about her passion.

Maria Hendrika of Belgium, 1865, probably wearing WorthStudying the construction of an original Worth bodice so that we can discover and recreate the magic of Worth in our own work.

Appropriate Embroidery 2 by Denise HendrickWhat if all your painstaking embroidery is from the wrong period entirely? Avoid the nightmare with part 2 of Denise's essential guide!

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