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Image 45Katy walks us through the undergarments and accessories that helped create the fashionable 18th century look.

Pleating Image 8Our ancestors did not hold back with embellishment! Let's strengthen our own core fabric manipulation skills to match theirs.

How to Revive Hinged Purses by Lynn McMastersThe world is full of gorgeous metal frame purses with disintegrating fabrics. Here's how to restore them to beauty. (Includes pattern)

Creating a Vintage Wardrobe by Constance MacKenzieHave you ever wanted to take your love of period clothing into everyday life, but felt overwhelmed? Constance shows us how.

18th Century Women’s Dress 1 by Katy WerlinFashion is deeply connected with the socio-cultural world in which it arises. Katy explains some of the driving forces of the 18th c. world. 

Behind the Scenes at London Museums by Marion McNealySuitcase, passports and a utility bill….? Here's all you need to know to get behind the scenes at the biggest London museums.

Placemat Bergere Hats, Part 1 by Chantal FilsonThe bergere hat looks terrific on everyone. Chantal walks us through making a perfectly lovely one from a placemat, of all things!

Swiss Waist, 4: The Historical Pattern by Nikki SwiftNikki concludes her Swiss waist study by constructing a final garment from an original 1860 pattern using accurate methods.

Beyond the Cloche by Marion McNealyIn the beginning there was the Cloche, and that was the only truly fashionable hat in the 1920s. Or was it? Marion sets the record straight!

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