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squarepicIn 1890s fashion, giant sleeves are essential. Here's how to get that classic leg o'mutton structure and perfect voluminous shape.

SquarepicIt can be difficult to find examples of daytime hairstyles in paintings and fashion plates, but Lynn can show us how to make some.

squarepicWhat fastenings, fabrics, techniques and accessories can you use? Polly has a timeline of new fashion inventions.

Jacques DoucetJacques Doucet was one of the great designers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Joy introduces us to the man and his work.

squarepicThe Romantic Era had some of the most intricate and eye-catching hairstyles you'll ever want to copy. Lynn explains a few styles. 

squarepicSewing instructions continually warn us to avoid bulk. But what is "bulk"? Emmalia explains good bulk and bad bulk...

squarepicThe Romantic Era, 1815-1840, has some of the most iconic hairstyles of any period. Lynn shows us how to create the look for ourselves.

squarepicSteampunk style blends historic know-how with imagination, engineering and a dose of good humour. Here's how to get started...

squarepicWhen studying fashion history or recreating garments, nothing beats seeing actual garments at a museum study appointment.

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