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squarepicNikki continues her journey through the world of Swiss Waist Belts, drafting one from scratch and one from an original Victorian pattern.

squarepicIf specialist period shoes are outside your budget, here's how to revive, alter or modify existing shoes with skills you already have.

squarepicWhat embroidery design is right for your latest project? Denise traces techniques & motifs as they transition from one period to the next. 

squarepicThese textural effects have been used for centuries, from farmer's workwear to Liberty silks. Polly investigates and has a go.

SquarepicIn part two, Polly looks at the development of fabrics, dyes and fastenings, and when they became part of popular fashion.

C.I.41.58.4ac F - swiss waist bodice from NYC's Met MuseumWhat is a Swiss Waist, and how does it differ from a corset? Nikki Swift, corsetiere and stalwart of Foundations Revealed, explains it all. 

SQUREPICFinally, Mrs. Pretty's 1915 velvet-trimmed ensemble is complete with her classic teens tailored skirt and jacket, and spectacular hat.

apollos knot square 100In her final chapter on spectacular Romantic Era hair, Lynn demystifies two more hairstyles, including the infamous Apollo's Knot. 

SQUREPICIt's a new year, 1915, and Mrs. Pretty needs a new outfit. Here, Julia starts on the construction of an elegant teens walking suit.

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