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squarepicLauren shows us how to recreate a stunning 19th century "drawn" bonnet from an original antique and explains its historical importance.

squarepicNow that you have a pattern, it's time to learn how to actually construct this luscious Dior-style couture foundation in part 3.

squarepicSil explains draping on the stand the couture way, to make a simple bobbinet underbodice pattern in your work.

squarepicDiscover the secret foundations of those gorgeous couture gowns! Sil Devilly examines some original Dior underbodices.

SqarepicIt's the part we've all been waiting for! Bernadette explains how to monetize an Internet presence and make money as an influencer. 

Sqarepic Dressmaking may not be a lucrative profession, but being a YouTube star can be. Bernadette reveals how to become an online influencer. 

squarepicIn this final part, Constance demonstrates a pink silk covered rebato and a recreation from Patterns of Fashion 4.

squarepic In part 2 of this series, Constance shows us how to put theory into practice and make an Elizabethan rebato.

squarepicHow did ruffs defy gravity? Ruff enthusiast Constance goes in search of historical accuracy to construct the ultimate supportasse.

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