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squarepicYou have asked for tips on sewing more neatly, so Ruth introduces us to a selection of back-to-basics tricks for a neat finish.

aspetti di vita quotidiana, abbigliamento lana,TaccuinoPeople come in different shapes, sizes, abilities... and other traits, such as how we experience the world. Here's how to enjoy sewing anyway.

gaiters square

Christina DeAngelo continues her bicycling tour de force with step by step drafting and making up instructions for a pair of perfect fitting gaiters.

bodiceIn the final instalment of our ultimate bodice fitting series, we complete the look by fitting a period sleeve to our 1863 bodice.

bodiceIn Part 6 of this series, we perfect the historical fit using what we've learned from the modern sloper, along with a little research.

bodiceIn Part 5 of this series, we'll go historical now, taking what we've learned from the modern sloper and using it to fit a Victorian bodice pattern.

bodiceA correctly fitted bodice is a thing of beauty. In Part 4, a failsafe method of checking the fit step by step, and we'll begin tweaking from there.

bodiceA correctly fitted bodice is a thing of beauty. In Part 3, you'll make horizontal adjustments to the sloper, and then the first mock-up! 

apex changedNothing draws admiration from other seamstresses like a correctly fitted bodice. In Part 2, we'll select a sloper and make vertical adjustments.

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