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Thomas SjolanderThis month Cathy interviews Danish artist Thomas Sjølander.

You may not recognise his name, but you'll know his work: Thomas did the incredible machine embroidery on the costumes for some of your favourite movies, including Finding Neverland, Phantom of the Opera and most recently, The Duchess.

Detail from Robert Vaughan: A New and accurate Mappe of the World, 1628

...to Elsabet Rowth one kyrtyll of worsted upper bodyed with blew satyn of bryderies...

The British History Online site is a wonderful source of first hand information about the clothing and material objects of daily life in Tudor England.

Come explore the riches with us! 


Dorothy Cary, later Viscountess Rochford, c. 1614-1618.by William Larkin

The ten year wait for Janet Arnold's last work is over: Patterns of Fashion 4 is to be published on November 7th, and this month YWU is celebrating its release!

This extraordinary treasure trove, the final book in the series, has been completed with additional material by Jenny Tiramani and Santina M. Levey after Janet's passing in 1998. We've been smiling very sweetly at the publisher, and our grovelling has paid off with an advance copy. So Marion's ready to give you her exclusive review!

Dancing Children by Lorens Pasch the younger (1733-1805)If you're an 18th Century costume buff, odds are you already have these.

But if you're just now falling in love with Rococo they should be at the top of your Christmas list!





Detail from Portrait of Peter Saltonstall, 1610Details on where to get quality materials to re-create all kinds of extant ruffs, collars, smocks, shifts and chemises.

Drawing of Anaïs Fargueil (1819-1896), French playwight (Benjamin, 1840)This month our questions centre around fabrics and fitting - both fitting for modern figures and fitting for an authentic historical look and feel.

Detail from Roman dela Rose

Marion McNealy reviews several books on Medieval Era fashion and clothing.

Of course there's the must have Medieval Tailor's Assistant, but there are two others that you may not know about that she thinks you need to have on your library shelves.

Would you like to review a book for us? Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including your YWU username and what titles you'd like to review.


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Jill Salen, author of

This month we have the pleasure of having an exclusive interview with Jill Salen, author of the new book "Corsets", which we are reviewing this month.

She shares with us what insprired her to write the book, how she got started and what her next book will be.

Replica of 1890 corsetThis month Cathy Hay reviews the new exciting new book: "Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques"  by Jill Salen.

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