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icon free smTo ensure your Victorian dress is always smooth and perfect, you really need a petticoat. Here's the fastest way to rustle one up.

This month we ask YWU's founder about her own sewing work, why she started YWU and where she sees the site going in the future.


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Reading a bookThis month Kendra van Cleave completes her series from earlier in the year with a discussion of how to go about using original sources.

What you specifically look for will depend on your own research aims, but all of these and more can provide incredibly valuable information about costume. Even better, they provide the thrill of holding, reading, and/or looking at a piece of history in your hands, and are the tools that will enable you to take your costumes beyond the standard secondary sources to which everyone has access!

undiescrinsmall.gifSunny walks you through every single item that a mid-Victorian lady might have worn under her gown, with references to appropriate patterns from all sources.

Detail from US Patent 21839, 1858The best sources for cage crinoline supplies, corsetry, fine cotton fabrics for undies, and wide eyelet and cutwork lace for frilliness.

mauritia.jpgThis month, we talk to a master of accurate historical costume, German artist Mauritia Kirchner. Her portfolio features a vast selection of the most extraordinary historical reproductions, complete in every detail down to the exquisite hand embroidery and taking an average of six months to complete.

Mauritia agreed to talk to us about her work, her principles, her methods and her dream project.

ate_icon.jpgWe have three questions for the New Year: Jade asks about re-covering bras for clients, Charlene wants to know more about 18th century buttonholes and Jane asks for more details about the Single Pattern Project.

Submit your questions now on the "Ask a question" page for next month's column!  We welcome questions about any sewing or costume related subject, and your questions will be passed on to the group of experts to answer. You're welcome either to specify whom you're asking, or not to, whatever is your preference. Anonymous questions are also welcome!

Detail from Portrait of Louise Dupin, 1733What stripes can mean and when they're appropriate, plus secrets to choosing, using, cutting and matching striped fabric.

icon free sm Do your photos do your work justice? Here are the tips and advice that will help make your costume photos as good as they can be.

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