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Hilary_Davidson_icon.gifThis month we interview Hilary Davidson, a curator of fashion and decorative arts at the Museum of London.





La sauteuse, 1806, by Huster This month we feature a great research site: Wikimedia Commons. It's so much more than a place to host pictures for a Wikipedia entry!

We'll show you how to use the site, demonstrating its vast scope, giving you some in-roads and showing you where to start when you're looking for ideas or references. No longer will you need to stare at a blank search box, wondering where to begin!

Detail from The Music Party,1774, by Louis Rolland TrinquesseThis month we feature two books that focus on the details: buttons and three dimensional fabric manipulation. Both of the featured books are fun to look through as pure eye candy and inspiration for future projects.





costume_icon.jpg Costuming nonprofessionals or re-enactors is different from professional theatre or film work. Suzi shares her experience.

icon free smBinding stays and corsets is frustrating... isn't it? Find out how to perfect your stays and corsets with our indispensible guide!

Painting with a Needle (Young Yang Chung)

With the Olympic Games controversially due to begin in Beijing this month, we thought we'd take this opportunity to give our costume construction-based Website of the Month an Oriental theme.

Here you'll find the best of the Far East, from traditional patterns to fine fabrics and the smoothest silk thread you'll ever sew with.



In part three of her four part series, Kendra van Cleave shows us some tips and techniques to find good information on the Internet.

This month, she adds books, journals and conferences to our arsenal of resources, recommending the most useful ones, showing us how best to use them, and telling us what to look out for.


Shoes of Madame de Pompadour, 1755How to dismantle and re-assemble modern shoes into sturdy, beautiful, convincing historical footwear - and even improve the fit!

Laura MellinThis month we interview Laura Mellin, aka "The Attack Laurel", about her extreme costuming and embroidery work. As someone who not only embraces but actually carries out Holy Grail projects every day, she's an inspiration to us all at YWU!
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