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31HistoryboundingWhat is Historybounding? Morgan introduces us to an exciting new way to incorporate historical fashion into everyday clothes. 

squarepicButtons can be both beautiful and functional, but when were different kinds of buttons popular? Hannah gives us an overview.

 Poison IvyDesigning a new costume for a well-known character can be hard. Sophie explains how she created a new look for a Poison Ivy fan-film. 

squarepic Fall-front trousers were the most popular style of legwear in Britain and France for half a century. Ruth explains how to make them.

squarepicIf you're going to turn up at your ex's wedding, do it in a killer of a hat. Lauren shows us how to make this spectacular topper inspired by 'Gentleman Jack.'

waistcoat thumbnailIn the second part of this two-part series, Lyssa shows us how to stitch the main features of her waistcoat corset.

waistcoat thumbnail Lyssa shows us how to create an embroidered, waistcoat-style contemporary corset--inspired by original 18th century gentlemen’s garments.

SquarepicSil Devilly walks us through the simple construction of a classic square-cut shirt from the late Georgian or Regency  era. 

bowonhatNo one wants a sad hat! Lauren shares some clever millinery basics that will help your hats look smart and professional. 

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