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The Team

Cathy Hay

Cathy HayBritish costume artist Cathy Hay is the creator and publisher of both Foundations Revealed and the award-winning Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, which were borne out of a grand wish to help other corsetmakers and seamstresses to stay inspired and positive, maximise their skills and realise their sewing dreams. She is a member of both the Costume Society in the UK and the Costumer's Guild West in the USA, teaches at Costume College. Her own website is The Peacock Dress and Other Stories.


Noelle Paduan

Noelle Paduan

Noelle is our long-suffering web guru, with knowledge and advice to offer on layout and usability. She is officially responsible for the important role of freaking out over image margins, line spacing and smooth movement around Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Foundations Revealed. She isn't happy with the sites yet, but she’s slowly whipping us into shape.

Appropriately enough, Noelle hails from Silicon Valley, and describes herself thus: "Friend, wife, cat staff, web ninja, world-traveler, costumer, fangirl, princess of power. Generally well-rounded and interested in most things."


Sharon Nevin

Sharon NevinSharon is official Correspondence Rock Star for Harman Hay Publications, answering your email and keeping things running smoothly.

Sharon fell down the rabbit hole of historic costuming when she first started University and came across a medieval group at orientation week. Since then her interest in Medieval and Tudor costuming has expanded to cover much of the Early Modern period. Sharon is also fascinated by the mechanics and evolution of pattern drafting systems and changes in sewing techniques over time.

Sharon is Australian-British and is currently living in England (again).

Marion McNealy

Marion McNealyMarion McNealy was Editor for Your Wardrobe Unlock'd for six years, making a vital contribution to its development. In addition to that crucial role, Marion continues to take care of all the technical details behind the scenes.

Marion loves teaching others to draft their own patterns and explore new ideas. Marion has a serious weakness for the straight front corsets and beautiful flossing designs of the late Victorian age.

Marion lives with her very patient husband and son in the Pacific North West.


Elizabeth Licata

Elizabeth Licata

Elizabeth is our article formatter at Wardrobe, uploading and formatting the new article each week.

Her very first sewing project was an 18th-century robe à l’anglaise for a sixth-grade history report. It took her so long to get dressed that the principal thought she’d pulled a runner, and called the cops.

Elizabeth first cosplayed in 1997 in a truly awful Ranma 1/2 costume at the Chicago Comic Con. She's dressed up as a variety of characters over the years, and her personal philosophy is, "Go big, or go home." Style icons include Dolly Parton and Charo. Elizabeth spent several years working in costume shops around the country and has made costumes for everyone from good-hearted Oscar-winners to raving divas nobody has ever heard of. She collects vintage clothes and loves sewing more than anything in the world except baby cows.

She has a Master's in Japanese history from Stanford and currently works as a writer. Her long-term career goal is to become either a drag queen or a parade float.

More of her work can be seen at







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