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Creating Rococo Trims

iconThe further back in time that you go, the more anachronistic modern trims appear... So what's a girl to do? Make her own, of course!

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Creating Rococo Trims by Jema Hewitt   reproduction scallop pinking tools are not all that difficult to get. William Booth, Draper sells them in different sizes for $40 USD. However, they do not always have every size in stock, so if you're in a hurry that *could* be problematic.

They are the hand-held stamp kind and you have to hammer each scallop, so more time consuming than pinking shears it's true. However, I used the tool for fairly extensive trimming of a gown (scroll to the bottom of the page to see how much pinked trimming was applied)

and it took less time than I thought. Once you get going you develop a pretty good rhythm. To do the trimming for this one dress it took me about 1 week working on it 1/2hr per day.
Creating Rococo Trims by Jema Hewitt   I'm almost ready to start cutting my self fabric for ruching, and this has given me a few more ideas to add to it. Thank you.  
Creating Rococo Trims by Jema Hewitt   Oh, this is great and very inspiring for costumes for a play being produced in the spring. Using the newer knitting cords and yarn as part of trim seems to be just right for stage costumes. Thanks !  
Creating Rococo Trims by Jema Hewitt   Sadly Booth Draper is no longer offering these pinking tools. They are looking for another supplier they tell me but they weren't terribly hopeful about finding one. Gorgeous gown brocade goddess by the way!  
Creating Rococo Trims by Jema Hewitt   The link for "inkle loom" is broken. Not my period, but interesting article!  

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