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Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To

Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To by Christina DeAngeloThe lobster tail bustle is a classic for a reason. Here, Christina shows us how to put some junk in that trunk (includes free pattern).  

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  Thanks so much for sharing this excellent pattern! I made mine with the green lumber strapping from Home Depot. I haven't tried it with skirts yet (I still need to make them). But I wrote about it here:  
  Your bustle looks amazing! Great find on the strapping tape! I'm curious how it holds up in the long term, as even with rounding the corners it will wear through a bit quicker than if it was tipped. If you start to have any issues, you can probably dip the ends in Plasti-dip or something similar. I noticed you said it felt lightweight; you can probably also double up the strapping if you need more support.  

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