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LondonLadiesSquareThe Victorian era spans a long period of rapid change and progress during the 19th century.

The articles below comprise the entire contents of all the Victorian era articles we have, 1837-1901. To narrow your search down, go to one of the subcategories by hovering over Articles>Historical Periods>Victorian in the main menu above, OR click one of the following links:

Victorian (general)  ~   Early-Mid Victorian 1837-67  ~  First Bustle 1868-76

Natural Form 1877-82  ~  Second Bustle 1883-90  ~   Gay Nineties 1890s

Victorian Jewelry

Victorian jewelryToo often we settle for pale imitations or modern costume jewelry to adorn our Victorian gowns, but that doesn't have to be the case: here's a guide.

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18th Century Revival in Victorian Fashion

SquarepicRetro fashion is not a new trend. Jen looks back at a time when the bustle met the Watteau gown and Georgian style was 'à la mode'.

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18th c Revival in Victorian Fashion 2

SquarepicVictorian era fashion borrowed from many periods of history, but particularly the 18th century. Jen takes a deeper look at Georgian influence on Victorian style.

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Two Worth Bodices

Worth labelCharles Frederick Worth is remembered as the father of haute couture, and Suzi Clarke has a couple of treasures of his to show us...

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Victorian Knit & Crochet

#55 Diamond edgingC. Claridge translates some gorgeous but cryptic Victorian instructions into modern-style knitting and crochet diagrams, and then tries them out.

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Miniature Portraits & Mourning Jewelry

Miniatur of Princess Frederikke of DenmarkTwo easy techniques, using polymer clay, to create beautiful and convincing portrait and mourning jewelry appropriate for the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Authentic Victorian Trimming Ideas

Portrait of Doña Amalie de Llano y Dotres, Condesa de Vilches, by Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz, 1853The Victorians loved their trimmings! But modern just isn't the same. Gina shows you how to make the authentic period trims that make your gown "pop".

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Millinery Design Part 1: How to Choose the Decorations for a Late 19th Century Hat by Lynn McMasters

Hat from 1897Have you ever walked into a large craft or fabric store to purchase the things you need to decorate that fantastic hat you're making, and been totally overwhelmed by the possibilities?

Should your hat be simple and elegant, or should it be a liberally decorated, multi-coloured feast of delights?

Professional period milliner Lynn McMasters shares her secrets with us in this new series on millinery design.


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Millinery Design Part 2: Adding Large Areas of Silk Flowers by Lynn McMasters

Finished HatThis month Lynn shows us how to add large areas of silk flowers or ribbon decorations to a hat, without using glue and without sewing each one on individually.

Why would you want to add decorations to a hat in this way?

There are several reasons, but the most important would be to save the base hat from being damaged, either because it is vintage or because you might want to redress it in the future and anything you do now will have to be undone.


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Millinery Design Part 3: How to add Life to Ribbon Loops and Bows by Lynn McMasters

Bows and loopsor My hat looks like it has a dead fish on top because the bow just lies there! How can I fix that?

One of the most often used decorative elements on late Victorian and Edwardian hats were bows and ribbon loops.

To a non-milliner, trying to recreate some of these fantastic hats may seem a daunting task. Here are some tricks that simplify things.


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Millinery Design part 4: Ostrich Plume Confections by Lynn McMasters

Ostrich PlumesMy passion for Ostrich plumes started when I saw the opening credits of the 1997 movie Wings of the Dove.

Where do such plumes come from?

How do milliners fabricate them and can I create such confections?

These are all questions I asked myself then, and they led me on a course of study and experimentation. In this article I will share some of what I have learned along the way.


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Feathers as Eye-Catching Hat Ornaments

feather ornamentsLynn shows you how to create a whole range of eye-popping professional milliners' tricks by burning, dyeing, stripping, shaping and clipping.

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