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Build Your Library - Embellishments

Detail from The Music Party,1774, by Louis Rolland TrinquesseThis month we feature two books that focus on the details: buttons and three dimensional fabric manipulation. Both of the featured books are fun to look through as pure eye candy and inspiration for future projects.





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August: Treasures of the Far East

Painting with a Needle (Young Yang Chung)

With the Olympic Games controversially due to begin in Beijing this month, we thought we'd take this opportunity to give our costume construction-based Website of the Month an Oriental theme.

Here you'll find the best of the Far East, from traditional patterns to fine fabrics and the smoothest silk thread you'll ever sew with.


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Build Your Library - Pattern Drafting

Proper Measurements, The Home Needle, 1882 Starting this month, we'll be reviewing several books each month.

They could be new releases or old-but-good books that are key building blocks in any costumer's library.

This month, Marion McNealy reviews several pattern drafting books that are key components in her costumer library.


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Google Books by Marion McNealy

Google Books Starting this month, we will be having two websites of the month. One will be focused on business or suppliers, the other will be research focused.

This month's research website is Google Books, specifically the home economics, sewing and dress-making categories. We'll share with you some of the really great full text/picture books from days gone by that we've found and give you pointers on where to find more!

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March: Abebooks


This month I'm going to send you to another site that's not a costume site at all, but a site that you can use as a tool to open up your costuming horizons. And rather than tell you the theory, I'm going to show you how it works.

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