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The Workwoman's Guide Part 4

TinySquareAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and sewing masochist. Ava discovers that piped seams on Romantic era dresses may not be piped at all...

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The Workwoman's Guide Part 2

AvaT22tinyAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and sewing masochist. Ava translates the four fundamental stitches.

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The Workwoman's Guide Part 1

collagetinyAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and dressmaking masochist. Ava begins to translate the directions for 21st c sewers!

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New Book Reviews

Detail of gold embroidery from mid-19th Portuguese court dress

Looking for some last minute gift suggestions? Cathy reviews two new books from 2010: Fashioning Fashion and High Style.

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Winterthur Collection

winterthur_iconThe Winterthur Collection  has many fantastic historical clothing and accessory catalogs. Here's the best  from 1850-1919

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August: Treasures of the Far East

Painting with a Needle (Young Yang Chung)

With the Olympic Games controversially due to begin in Beijing this month, we thought we'd take this opportunity to give our costume construction-based Website of the Month an Oriental theme.

Here you'll find the best of the Far East, from traditional patterns to fine fabrics and the smoothest silk thread you'll ever sew with.


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"Corsets" by Jill Salen: review and competition!

Replica of 1890 corsetThis month Cathy Hay reviews the new exciting new book: "Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques"  by Jill Salen.

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HEARTH Online Library by Marion McNealy

The Lovers: Morning RecreationThe HEARTH  (Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History) online library is devoted to books and journals published in the field on home economics.

It has a large variety of books on many different subjects, and I'll teach you how to get the most out of this valuable resource! I also share some of the books that caught my attention and a few favorite quotes.

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Patterns of Fashion 4, reviewed by Marion McNealy

Dorothy Cary, later Viscountess Rochford, c. William Larkin

The ten year wait for Janet Arnold's last work is over: Patterns of Fashion 4 is to be published on November 7th, and this month YWU is celebrating its release!

This extraordinary treasure trove, the final book in the series, has been completed with additional material by Jenny Tiramani and Santina M. Levey after Janet's passing in 1998. We've been smiling very sweetly at the publisher, and our grovelling has paid off with an advance copy. So Marion's ready to give you her exclusive review!

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Detail from The Expert Designer, 1907 is an open digital library, without the international restrictions of Google Books. This month, we share with you a few of the great historical texts on a variety of subjects that we've found.

From 1820's fashion magazines to 1900's pattern drafting texts, to shoe making manuals and hairstyling guides, we've got a lot to keep you busy over the holiday season!

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Google Books by Marion McNealy

Google Books Starting this month, we will be having two websites of the month. One will be focused on business or suppliers, the other will be research focused.

This month's research website is Google Books, specifically the home economics, sewing and dress-making categories. We'll share with you some of the really great full text/picture books from days gone by that we've found and give you pointers on where to find more!

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Original 19th c Tailoring Books Online by Marion McNealy

Detail from The Bridesmaid, James TissotWho'd like a shelf full of free Victorian tailoring manuals? Yes, I knew that would prick up your ears! It's been a full year since Marion last shared a collection of dressmaking and sewing books. Inspired by Jason's series, she's been building another collection: mens' and womens' wear tailoring books from 1855-1886.

Looking for riding habit ideas? Searching for cutting instructions for a Norfolk jacket or a Newmarket skirt and jacket? We've got the answers here, in these complete digitised online copies of original Victorian books, ready for you to download and enjoy.

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