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April: Karen Augusta's


I got into historical costume by admiring movie costumes. I was delighted to find, a little later, that there were people who'd written books on how to make those costumes, how to recreate them accurately, and I was most impressed of all when I realised that the clothes and the patterns have been, in some cases, preserved for us to enjoy centuries later.

A little later still, when I first got on the Internet in 1996, I spent some very late nights in my University's computer labs salivating over the websites of antique clothing dealers like Karen Augusta...

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The Commons on Flickr

The Carandini ladies, 1875The Commons on Flickr is a collection of historic public domain photographs from a variety of institutions from around the globe, including the Library of Congress, National Galleries of Scotland and George Eastman House.

Marion McNealy shares some of her favorites from this collection from around the world.

Have  fun finding favorites of your own and exploring this interesting look at the past!


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Wikimedia Commons

La sauteuse, 1806, by Huster This month we feature a great research site: Wikimedia Commons. It's so much more than a place to host pictures for a Wikipedia entry!

We'll show you how to use the site, demonstrating its vast scope, giving you some in-roads and showing you where to start when you're looking for ideas or references. No longer will you need to stare at a blank search box, wondering where to begin!

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8 Great Museums for Costumers

8Some you know, some you won't, but in any case, the next time you travel, consider incorporating your passion for fashion.

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2011 Holiday Gift Ideas

Santa and the Ladies, Puck Magazine 1902Regardless of whether you've been naughty or nice this year, we've got lots of tempting ideas for your gift list, from tools to calendars!

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The English Cut

Frock Coat, 1904

This month, we feature the blog, EnglishCut as our website of the month. Hear a classically trained Savile Row tailor share some of the secrets and the everyday realities of this ancient profession, including a half hour video in which you can watch him sharpen his chalk and work with the fabric.


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British History Online: Wills and Port Records by Marion McNealy

Detail from Robert Vaughan: A New and accurate Mappe of the World, 1628 Elsabet Rowth one kyrtyll of worsted upper bodyed with blew satyn of bryderies...

The British History Online site is a wonderful source of first hand information about the clothing and material objects of daily life in Tudor England.

Come explore the riches with us! 


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Costume Museum Online Collections by Marion McNealy

Sherlock Holmes Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute has a large online photo archive of their collection?

Neither did I until recently, since it's impossible to find from their home page!

 I've found the back door to it, and sleuthed out a great many other museums with online costume collections!

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December: Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company

It was a couple of years ago that, resigned to a half hour of boredom, I picked up a nondescript magazine in my doctor's surgery. To my surprise and delight, it wasn't long before I was willing the delay to continue for as long as possible, for within the pages of that dog-eared periodical was an article about the Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company.

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