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icon free smSo much of a costume's individuality is in the trims - it's hard to find anything that looks truly authentic. So let's make our own- they're surprisingly simple!

closeupYou’ve spent a lot of time designing and constructing a knockout garment; you deserve a decent record of it. Joanne Arnett shows how to photograph costumes. 

Choosing the right fabrics for 18th century gownsHow do you find fabrics that convince your audience that you really are wearing clothing designed and made for an 18th century woman?

Fit for a Queen by Rachel Kerby CoutureFor some of our members, Your Wardrobe Unlock'd can be life changing, bringing new skills, new confidence, and even a new career. Last year's competition winner, Canadian costumer Rachel Kerby, shares her journey.

Titanic 1912 hatsIt is an unwritten expectation that if you are paying to access a website, you do not see advertisements. On the Internet, free stuff has ads, paid stuff does not. Period.

I think this is short-sighted, and here's why.

1874 Ballgown

Many of you kindly offered suggestions for improvements to YWU when we switched systems in 2014. Here, I answered some of the most popular suggestions we hear.

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