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Seeking Correspondence Rock Star

CorrespondenceAre you an email junkie?

Do you check messages and social media multiple times a day?

Do you love to make people's day?

Then this could be the position for you.

We are looking for someone to keep tabs on the Foundations Revealed and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd email inbox, as well as our Facebook messages, and comments on the websites themselves.

We intend to improve our customer service reputation so that people can expect a reply from us within 24 hours. We want everyone who contacts us to feel valued, appreciated, heard, and important. Can you help us do that?

This position is part time, and will currently run to about 1-1½ hours per day, but more in busy periods such as Christmas and competition time (Feb/March). Those hours are flexible - you can fit them around your existing lifestyle - although you will need to check in, at least briefly, every day. The position is geographically free, so your location in the Universe is not important, as long as you have an ultra-reliable Internet connection and equipment to access it.


Your tasks will consist of

  • Customer service: General enquiries and problem solving, usually in relationship to membership and payments issues.
  • Comment monitoring on the websites and Facebook: Deleting spam, general enquiries and problem solving, forwarding comments to writers, keeping track of overall themes/requests and feeding back to Cathy and the Editors.
  • Writers: Managing and keeping track of contracts, invoices, payment, writer memberships. Updating a tracking spreadsheet to ensure everyone's happy, fully paid and has been dealt with promptly.
  • Competition: Around the Competition deadline, keeping track of the entries as they come in and liaising with our Formatters to ensure that all the entries go up on the site.


This position will NOT involve

  • Corresponding with writers about the content of their articles - that's the Editors' area
  • Dealing with the release of each week's new article, and the corresponding email that goes out - that's Polly's area
  • Social media updates - also Polly's domain
  • Sewing. When people apply for positions with us they always seem to tell us in great detail all about their sewing. We don't need you to sew, although it would be nice if you are "one of us", ie a costumer/corsetmaker.


corr smSkills you'll need

  • Outstanding English writing, spelling, and grammar skills. You need to be very articulate, welcoming, friendly and understandable in the written word.
  • Tact. Diplomacy. Ability to suffer fools (like Cathy!) gladly.
  • Energy. Enthusiasm. Positive attitude.
  • Availability. If you are already juggling too much, you won't have the time or energy to exceed other people's expectations. 1-1½ hours does not sound like much, but it is a significant chunk of time in which you'll need to be mentally alert and fully present.
  • Comfort in dealing with back end software applications. You'll need to solve as many of those membership issues yourself as you can. We'll train you, but you need to be comfortable tinkering in a membership database and in Paypal.
  • It will help if you're already a member (or ex-member) of one or both sites, with a general awareness of who we are and how we work. We would like to hire someone from within the community if possible, who has enthusiasm for the subject matter of both sites.
  • This position would be particularly suitable for someone who has another part time source of income, but could use a reliable chunk of US$360-$550 per month to supplement it.


Payment will be US$12 per hour (or UK£8 per hour), invoiced on a freelance basis once per month. You will have free access to both websites for as long as you hold this position with us.

Please apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a resumé or CV by Sunday June 28th, 2015, with the subject line "I am a rock star, hire me!"


Tip: Please tell us about the skills you have that relate to the JOB. We don't need you to sew! Telling us about your enthusiasm for sewing is your SECOND priority in your application!

Job offer   Hey! I do stay on my PC a lot during the day, and I tend to be on the PC like 14 hours or so. I've done multiple customer service jobs, and talking to people all day long about technical stuff that they don't know about, but talking them through very technical information, in such a way that they can understand what I'm saying. So, yes, I do it all, type 60 wpm, love corsetry and actively sew (when I have the money for cloth and notions) and want to get a corset. I was active in the SCA and still have friends who are. So yes, customer service is my life, and it's what most of my skillset is designed toward. So. Rockstar. I don't think you can find someone that can do this job better, and I'll even link my resume, so you can see how competent I am.  

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