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Julia StoweJulia StoweJulia StoweYWU 16 beg run


I have often been inspired by the legendary fashion designer, Edith Head, and enjoy finding unique fashion sketches by her. She designed this dress to be worn by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, but the dress was never made (though a similar dress was worn by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face).  Some of the interesting design elements that set this dress apart are the unique sleeves and the draping at the front of the bodice, so I drafted a pattern based on the sketch.  The bodice is fitted with front and back darts and closes snugly at the back neck with twelve buttons. The skirt is made with six gores and has a white petticoat and crinoline underneath.  Finding fabric to match Edith Head’s watercolor proved difficult, and after an unsuccessful search I found a plain yellow cotton, which I then embellished with ribbon embroidery to replicate the brightly colored print of the fabric in the sketch.  Another difficulty arose in finding someone to model this dress who, like Audrey Hepburn, was petite enough to wear the extra draping at the hips - the problem was solved by my 13- year-old sister, who modeled it perfectly!


  I love this dress - it is such a cheery colour and style and you wear it well :)  
  So pretty and so close to the sketch! I understand why you wanted to make this dress.  
sarah coombs  
  Your hand-made rosettes are so pretty!
Sweet!   I thought I had seen all of Edith Head's designs for Audrey Hepburn, but this one is new to me. It's charming, and I love the ribbon flowers. :-)  
  Adore the ribbon flowers. Did you do the french knots yourself or were they already on the fabric? Your sister looks quite charming in this outfit.  
  I admire your patience in embroidering the dress.  
Richard T. Herr  
  Stunning dress! I love the roses against the yellow background. It is a beautiful creation.  
  Beautiful colors. I like the style you chose.  
Bravo   Wow, what a treat to see a dress that never made it off the page finally become a reality. You've done it real credit, and got a perfect model for it. Well done, it's a beautiful project and you should be very proud of yourself!  

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