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I was very excited to see the contest theme for 2017. I just love bringing glamour into my everyday life. Anyone who knows me knows I’m the Glamour Doll out of my mother’s five daughters. Most of my inspiration for that comes from my great love of Old Hollywood.

And Old Hollywood is what I thought of when I saw the 2017 theme. One movie that I watch every month just so I can look at the lovely clothes is How to Marry a Millionaire. Everything that the three leading ladies wear, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, is simply divine. If I could have any movie wardrobe it would be this movie. Of all the beautiful creations to grace the screen (and even the one to be cut out) my favorite dress is shown for a minute or so and even then we never see a clear shot of the dress. Nevertheless, I love it, from the color to the way it moves in the quick pace of the scene.

In a rush Marilyn Monroe’s character Pola Debevoise runs in the front door of the girls’ apartment to answer the phone after being out (it’s about an hour into the film). Pola is in one of the most beautiful green dresses I have ever seen. She was out running errands and working in that beautiful dress. By today’s standards that dress would be a date night or business dinner dress. Nothing about that dress says, “I have to run to the bank before it closes.” The dress alone is a beauty, but to add to the everyday glamour of it she had such lovely accessories - a lovely hat, a pair of gloves and a fur muff.  If those three things don’t say 1950s daytime glam, I don’t know what would.

After years of watching the dress in the movie, I wanted to finally wear it. Since I didn’t have a full picture of the dress I worked with the bits and pieces I had to work and redraft my dress patterns. Once that bit was done I went on the hunt for fabric. I knew that since there wasn’t a picture of the dress anywhere to be found, I knew I wasn’t going to find any information about the fabric used. After searching and not finding anything, about to give up and change my dress idea completely, I came across this lovely Laundered Twill in hunter green. It was perfect; it even had a bit a stretch to it. With my fabric ordered, I made a fur muff to go along with the dress just like Pola. I wanted a big faux fox muff. I had my eye on this lovely Arctic faux fox fabric in black. It looks lush and not at all like "monster fur". As I worked on the dress I just fell in love with it and wish I knew how to make gloves to add to the 50s glam of it. Maybe I’ll take a crack at gloves later this year.

I can’t wait to wear the dress out. Maybe I’ll meet that millionaire....



I love that dress from the film as well, and you did a fabulous job reproducing it! Beautiful fabric and color, too.
Your delight with the outfit is apparent in each photo. You've accomplished the most important thing with an outfit, making something you enjoy.
Lovely!! Such a beautiful dress and the color is wonderful. Love the muff too! :)
Love it! The color is gorgeous and perfect on you. The shoes, muff, and lipstick are perfect. You look glamorous - mission accomplished!
Gorgeous - I love the glamour, the colour, the pattern and especially the muff.
Beautifully done, and it's a great cut and color on you. I've never seen the movie, but it's on my list now! I love that you are so passionate about your inspiration.

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