Making an 1812 Muslin Gown

1812 Spotted Muslin DressSerena takes us step-by-step through constructing an 1812 spotted muslin dress by traditional hand- stitching methods.

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Making an 1812 Muslin Gown   Is the scaled pattern for this gown (or something similar) available somewhere? Perhaps in one of your reference books?

And are there public images available for the original gown from the Museum of London?

Lovely pictures of the finished gown! (Wish the website allowed me to make them bigger! :) )
Making an 1812 Muslin Gown   Hi Snookie, the pattern for the bodice is in the first image at the top of the page, and patterns for similar gowns are given in the books by Janet Arnold and Norah Waugh in the booklist at the bottom.

Many museums are starting to put their collections online, but they're still catching up with the huge amount of things they have - I suspect this gown isn't online yet if Serena didn't link to it - we do try to link to original examples whenever we can.

And finally, click on any image to enlarge it, or right-click and "Open link in new tab". :)

Thank you, on Serena's behalf, for your kind comments!
Making an 1812 Muslin Gown   Thanks for the info - it's hard to know just what info is referenced in a bibliography, so I didn't know how similar the gowns in the reference books are to the one Serena made. I don't have those books committed to memory the way a lot of people do!

And the "Open Link in New Tab" trick is helpful - those images are larger than when I just click on them. (and for any mac users, you can Control-Click for the same option.)

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