18 year old Henry VIII in 1509 upon acsending the throneThis month on Letters, Questions & Answers, Melissa Barton reviews "The King's Servants", the latest release from Ninya Mikhaila's new publishing company.

Meanwhile, Naath Cousins shares the secrets of how a relative beginner can pull off an entire underwear-out SPP entry without even appearing to break a sweat!

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Letters, Questions and Advice: November 2009
On the Subject of Caroline Johnson's book, I think the approach Fat Goose is taking with their series is a fantastic Idea. Remember it's not "only 48 pages to The Tudor Tailor’s 160" but a focused study. This style of focused writing has been around for a while and most living historians are familiar with the a la Osprey styling of their new series. The best thing about these books (if done right) is it take out all the filler and rubbish and focuses on what really matters. In fact I am going to something similar with my follow up books, kind of a New C.P.G. a la Osprey.
That is what I said in my review, though? It is a fact that The King's Servants is 48 pages and The Tudor Tailor is 160, but I never said that was a bad thing--in fact, I was very positive about the tighter focus of The King's Servants, and positive about the book overall.

I did, however, feel that it was important for people to know they weren't getting another Tudor Tailor--I was a bit surprised by how slim The King's Servants was when it arrived.

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