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Letters, Questions & Advice: February 2010
Dear Manon
I love your idea of a dust ruffle, "I also like to create a dust ruffle which protects the bottom of the train and is removable as well, to be washed or replaced when damaged."
Can you advise us on this in more details to make our own?

Letters, Questions & Advice: February 2010
i was about to ask the same question - could we have a photo too please - it sounds like a terrific idea
Letters, Questions & Advice: February 2010
I do have several pictures I took when creating the last one, it isn't that hard to do. You basically take the pattern for the train and cut/copy the part that will touch the floor and a little up for you don't want to step in it accidentally and any dirt flung up caught, can only be a good thing.
I then create a piece which is similar in size to the train part -- the dust cover, you mark button placement along the edge and the part that attaches horizontally across with ribbons -- or buttons by choice, create button holes in the dust cover or wait until after the ruffle/lace/pleats are added, you can do a double edge (panel), to keep the buttons covered. Along the edge of the dust cover you can add lace/ruffles/pleats and one, two, three or more layers. You make sure it either sticks out a bit, or equals the edge of the train when dust cover is attached, the ruffles/lace/pleats are sandwiched between train and dust cover, so the dust cover is smooth on the floor. If you are intending on multiple layers, you may want to do the buttonholes through all layers. If you use silk or any other hard to clean fabric for the ruffles/pleats you may want to attach those separately to the edge of the dust cover. Hope I'm not confusing anybody! I do have a very simple example of a very simple dust ruffle, the customer added on some loops to the dust cover so she could lift the train outside, in case it was wet. http://degracieuse.livejournal.com/41229.html I used a sturdy, crisp, medium weight cotton for the dust cover, and a lace that matches the lace on the bodice and in reality the colour matched a lot better then the pictures give credit for!

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