A Brief History of Eyeglasses

squarepicMany of us wear spectacles, so Trystan explores history of eyeglasses and offers some tips for wearing them with historical costumes.


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  AS I was reading through this article, I was thinking: gonna go to Zenni optical and check out what frames they have.... as I have been a customer of theirs for a few years now..... and Bang!!! there you are recommending them AND giving a style number... how awesome!!!! These guys are great and if you send through a copy of your script BEFORE you fill it in online, they will help you out with filling it out correctly....  
other websites!   This made me so happy to read! I wear glasses always and have to resort to frightful squinting every time I have to do anything in costume! I have 2 other EXCELLENT sources of glasses, based in LA and seem to only sell from the dealership, but well worth mentioning!

and for those in the UK there's they do mostly retro 50's 60's styles but do have some for the 1880's - 1900/20's eras!

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