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squarepicWhat on earth is a corset shield? Nikki introduces us to this Edwardian invention that keeps corsets lasting longer and recreates an example.

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sauve piecemaker
Interesting read. I ate my lunch salad while reading it. Right now it is a bit overwhelming taking on all the various articles about foundations and design. I thought I was pretty well versed when I joined. I anticipated being happily surprised to find tid-bits of information I had remained unaware of. What I have found is the joy of realizing my ignorance. It is wonderful to be enthusiastic about adding to function and technique.
So, my question is---after all this work, how does it feel with the corset?
silver gypsy 1
Very interesting, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a "Corset shields", I love how much I'm learning about historical clothing. I'm really enjoying it.
I have a thought on drilling the holes for the eyelets. Maybe taping the area with masking or painter's tape before drilling. This would protect the plastic and possibly keep it from being damaged. Looking forward to part 2.

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