Edward shows us an easy way to trace the pattern from a stunning antique corset, in the first article on this unusual Edwardian recreation.

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good luck Edward! This looks very challenging to me but I know you can do it! I cannot wait to see the next steps & then the finished corset!!
This is breathtaking, and I've learn from just looking at these pictures! I can't wait until I have a good moment to give this article the attention it deserves!! My silly secret for emergency silk organza is to buy a fairly tiny pressing cloth from Joanns or amazon. It wouldn't really be enough for a project of this scale, but sometimes I need a wee bit for embroidery and such, and a pressing cloth is literally the only silk in all of Joanns! This corset is so beautiful!! Tell us more! ?
Really enjoying your articles Edward- love your passion for it. Particularly interesting for me as I also took a pattern from my antique Edwardian last year and came up against the same issues - distortion of wear being one. Flat steels in Edwardians interests me and how/why they would have tolerated them in those sweeping diagonal boning channels.....
lovely project Edward!

This is L'irresistable corset and was quite popular in the Edwardian period. It was exported to North America by Gossard who was famous for their front lacing corsets. L'irresistable was their french export. i have two in my collection. I have been working on taking a pattern, I also became stumped by the darted pattern piece, your tips on this article are invaluable! Thank you!!!

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