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squarepicThis stunning corset patent, registered by C.W. Higby in 1883, gets a thorough investigation and step-by-step recreation by Kat.

squarepic In this series, Nikki looks through the Symington archives to give us a quick overview of the corset shapes of the Victorian era. 

squarepicIn Part 2 of her series on corset shields, Nikki shows us another variation before recreating it from the original patent! 

squarepicJutta walks us step by step through her reproduction of the spectacular black plunge corded corset from 1890, as seen in Jill Salen's "Corsets".


squarepicWhat on earth is a corset shield? Nikki introduces us to this Edwardian invention that keeps corsets lasting longer and recreates an example.

squarepicMichelle continues with the clever construction of this stunning corset, and investigates padding in Part 2 of her series.

squarepicMichelle experiments with an exciting patent from 1905, which has some beautiful, swooping Art Nouveau seamlines to play with.

toilefront no strap   stays draftThere's a simpler method to pattern stays. Michelle uses the original tailor's diagram and Luca's explanation from Patterns of Fashion 5.

sqarepicIn Part 2 of this series, Nikki shows us how to construct the 18th century jumps from the Leicestershire archive

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