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squarepicDo not fear stays! Michelle takes a well known 18th c stays pattern and shows us how to measure it, enjoy its unusual shape, and alter it to fit.

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I’m working my way through your detailed and informative article. Just wondering: with lengthening the pattern, what measurement are we using to guage this? The only vertical measurement we took was side height: how do I know that the pattern has it’s underarm positioned exactly where I measured myself? Thanks for your time.
Hello Eloise! I believe the measurement matches up with the pattern based on my little 3D reconstruction, but i suppose there's technically no way to know "for sure". I can tell you that it works for me, and that this number will be kind of unbelievable if you are tall and/or long waisted. I'm 5'9“ and I think I had to lengthen it like...2.5“ or 3", many years ago when I made it for myself. I regularly lengthen it about 1.5“ for ladies of average height.
You can totally split it up and lengthen two separate lines each half the amount, to try to distribute the length evenly.

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