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icon free smThe 1885 ad raised questions. What is a diagonal cut for? Function, decoration, or gimmick? Katarina has a go at making one to find out.

Corset and teacupSandra Stuart shares each step in the construction of this real Victorian corset patent, finding it an illuminating experience with stunning results!

icon free smThe first in a series of articles on bra patterning and making. Before we get out the fabric, there's a big obstacle to tackle: what size bra do you want?

mark-g-icon We talk to Mark Garbarczyk, a British foundationwear maker who's tried and rejected formal training in favour of taking his own learning journey...

effigy-bodies-iconAlison Kannon demystifies the construction and recreation of “bodies”, the stiffened supportive layer of clothing that later came to be called a corset or stays.

Detail of embroidery

Sandra begins constructing her intricate 1878 corset by tea-dying the fabric, then carefully cording and embroidering the pieces to match a favourite teacup.

gleamnight-iconThe extraordinary Ksenya of Gleamnight Fashion Studio, interviewed in her native Russian and translated into English by Anton Nezamaev.

1904 CorsetTrying to date a particular corset, track changes in lingerie fashion down to a few years, or just looking for new inspiration? Plenty here to keep you busy...

Late 18th c StaysHallie Larkin provides the pattern and sizing instructions, and walks us through period-accurate construction and replication of these authentic stays.

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