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Scaling the PatternSandra Stuart walks you through enlarging a small diagram to the correct size for the creation of a working pattern, using an 1878 original and Photoshop.

teens-corset-iconJennifer shows you how to alter the pattern from last month, then sew the corset step by step, using the same vintage techniques as in the original.

icon free smLots of people have asked how to get perfectly straight and even boning channels. Here are a few tips and tricks that'll help you tame unruly stitching.

1886 Corset AdvertisementCorset patterns always seem to be too small or too big at the bust. Here's a deceptively easy fix - a method that works even for large changes.

Hearts Corset Patent, 1906Jenni alters the antique "Hearts" corset pattern to emulate the archetypal “Edwardian” posture on a modern body, and weighs up the effect on comfort.

1878 Fanning Corset PatentSandra Stuart tackles re-creating a gusseted and gored corset using an 1878 patent diagram, from pattern enlargement to construction and fitting. 

Teens CorsetJennifer shows us an intuitive way to take a pattern from an existing corset. Includes pattern & shopping list for a simple, authentic 1910s corset.

Detail from "The March of the Guards" by HogarthThere have always been pregnant women, and women nursing, but what they wore during these times is harder to know. Amanda investigates and makes her own.

open-drawers-iconAn open pair of cotton drawers in the style of the 1840's  (but dated late 1850s to 1860s), with delicate whitework embroidery, sewn on a chain stitch machine.

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