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knit vest icon-smMarion shares with us a knitted silk undervest with a crocheted yoke that could date anywhere from 1880 to 1910.

Au Bon Marche, 1902 Corset Catalog, Page 5aHelp in creating a corset pattern for an asymmetrical figure; advice on dealing with models, corsets and photoshoots; and how to clean everyday corsets.

Swinghook closures

What better way to create a corset that stands out from the crowd than to give it a visually striking front opening that's not only beautiful looking, but sturdy and quick to use?

Hearts corsetInterpreting this unusual and sophisticated Edwardian design into a contemporary corset is a wonderful challenge that I am thrilled to share!

The waist zoneYou fix a bustline problem, but then fixing the waist makes the bustline look wrong again... here are some step-by-step techniques for fitting corsets right the first time.

A well shaped legThe history and construction of lower hose: netherstocks, stockings, and boot-hose. Then we'll drape, pattern and sew our own with a combination of machine and handstitching.

Letters apr2010 iconTwo questions and an embroidery library on the Letters page this month.

Detail of CrissyCatt's Victorian Bodice This month we feature Cristiane Tano, aka CrissyCatt, who makes breathtaking corsetry in leather. She reveals the secrets of her stunning, hand-tooled filigree leather corsets.

1880-chemise icon-smMarion shares a linen chemise circa 1879 from her collection.

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