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A well shaped legThe history and construction of lower hose: netherstocks, stockings, and boot-hose. Then we'll drape, pattern and sew our own with a combination of machine and handstitching.

Letters apr2010 iconTwo questions and an embroidery library on the Letters page this month.

Detail of CrissyCatt's Victorian Bodice This month we feature Cristiane Tano, aka CrissyCatt, who makes breathtaking corsetry in leather. She reveals the secrets of her stunning, hand-tooled filigree leather corsets.

1880-chemise icon-smMarion shares a linen chemise circa 1879 from her collection.

1803, Louis Leopold Boiley, Passer PayezIn the Napoleonic period, what was once taboo came out from hiding, along with the natural female form. Suddenly, it became necessary to keep the world from glimpsing too much.

Busk clasp of the Skeleton CorsetHow to make this very unique busk step by step at home with hand tools, which are easily acquired at your local hardware store if you don’t already have them at home.

Letters mar2010 iconTwo questions and a short story on the Letters page this month: how to make a set of the 1660 watered silk stays from the V&A, alternative lacing and where to find colored eyelets, a short story from 1913.

Butterfly corset and cup

Sandra's stunning work translating teacup designs into corsetry is magnificently inspiring. She was kind enough to answer our questions and share her plans for the future.

Petti4 icon-smSunny concludes her exhaustive study of six Belle Époque petticoats by comparing the remaining construction details and techniques.

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