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catherinehearts3In this tutorial, Olga shows us the secrets behind her exquisite beaded embroidery.

SquarepicCaroline demonstrates some of the methods she uses to pattern and construct unusual and complex shapes in corsetry

squarepicMichelle continues with the clever construction of this stunning corset, and investigates padding in Part 2 of her series.

squarepicMichelle experiments with an exciting patent from 1905, which has some beautiful, swooping Art Nouveau seamlines to play with.

squarepicIt's time to sew the beautiful corset dress from the pattern Charlotte demonstrated in Part 1.

squarepicA corseted dress is a holy grail of many corsetiers. In part 1, Charlotte walks us through her process for pattern drafting one of these beauties. 

toilefront no strap   stays draftThere's a simpler method to pattern stays. Michelle uses the original tailor's diagram and Luca's explanation from Patterns of Fashion 5.

squarepicHow far apart should eyelets be spaced? Ruth takes us into historical and modern corsetry to see how eyelet spacing has changed.

sqarepicIn Part 2 of this series, Nikki shows us how to construct the 18th century jumps from the Leicestershire archive

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