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icon smIn the intersection between physiotherapy & period costume Grimilde separates the fact from fiction about corsets & back pain.

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Thank you so much for this article!
I have suffered chronic back pain since I fell off a horse and injured my back when I was 13. It resulted, 15yrs later, in four prolapsed discs, nerve damage, joint inflammation and so many symptoms stemming from that. Many doctors over the years have said that since I was so young and my body was still growing, there now isn't much they can do now without making it worse. I am very careful when it comes to wearing my corsets and only reserve it to when I am either in a lot of pain and the area needs to be immobilised, with no waist reduction, or when I'm at the minimum pain level, and then only a 2" reduction. Having the knowledge of your own body and how the corsets can either help or hinder you is the something so many corset makers should know.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Fine article but misleading title. In fact, the article disappointed me when I was expecting an article about corsets and health, not an article about corsets and back pain. There is more to "health" than just back pain.
I agree with you, Sara. In fact this is the first part of the article. Back pain is such common and various disease that needed full explanation, and including waist training and waist shaping exercises all in one article would have needed more and more pages. They will follow in the second part. However, if you have any other questions, according to my expertise, I'll try to study to answer them at my best.
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