You know those meltdowns you have in your sewing space? The ones when you scream, cry, throw your project in the corner, and swear never to sew again?

Newsflash: We all have them. Here's what I do to avoid them happening - with a little help from the kids in my neighbourhood!

What do you do to avoid a meltdown?



This is so true! My mother - who taught me to sew - used to say quit while you're ahead. If you start to get tired, start making mistakes, or even start to feel sick of the project, put it down and go do something else. Come back when you are fresh.
We must have the same mom...LOL ... That is exactly what my mom said!!
Deb Davis
Thank you so much Kathy. Good to know Im not alone lol. I do recognise it - I just have to stop before it escalates. My problem is time and your right, I end up wasting a whole day and usually the item is trashed, so I also waste product. I will try to change that. Thank you again.
Well.... I don't avoid them. I see them as a part of the process. Frustration and tears and chocolate are all part of it. Just another storm.
Cathy - I'm SO SORRY you are so stressed out by the thing about which you are so passionate! I can only imagine that it is the other side of the coin: the higher the mountain, the further the fall - or something like that?? I do not at all claim to know you, but I have been at a presentation or two which you have given at CC, have spoken to you, have seen the out-of-this-world creations which have come from your brain, your heart, & your clever fingers all working together like a symphony, & it is evident that you demand a great deal from yourself. (Perhaps sometimes a bit TOO much?) I can only tell you that you are awesome, & that "ordinary, garden-variety sewers" like me don't strive for the moon and the stars in the same way and don't have to roam the streets with tears in our voices. May I just gently suggest that you might find an alternative activity where you demand NOTHING of yourself? (Boxing, e.g.- a punching bag absorbs a lot of frustrated energy!) Best regards - a FAN
Mariya Lilith
I agree, it's best to step away, and come back to the project after mulling things over. And this might take minutes, or more than a day. But chances are, it will take a lot longer, even months or years, if you don't.
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