How do you find the confidence to sew something new, or perhaps try something you haven't sewn before? How do you stop giving into the Fear and get down to the projects you really want to make? Let me show you another way to look at confidence, with a little help from a Sparklewren corset...


Thank you, and Sparklewren!
Mine isn't so much a problem starting as it is finishing. I get to a point where, even though everything has been draped, measured, cut, and pinned to the dress form, I stop, afraid to stitch it all together and have it come out wrong. I'm more costuming than corsetry, but almost all of my women's costumes are corset based.
Like now- I have an original design Elizabethan style wedding dress all cut and pinned to the dress form, supportasse framework done, trim cut and pinned, boning channels in and bones cut, tipped, and placed- and I've spent the past two days talking myself out of putting it together.

Toby T Barton
As usual, thank you Cathy for your positive information
Cameron McLaughlin
Great video! This inspires me and I'm sure will inspire others. I grew up with people who had a very perfectionistic , rigid mindset, and that has hindered many of my creative explorations. Sometimes it's very hard to silence old voices and form your own approach to creating something new. It's good to see an image of Cathy, too, and understand who she is a little bit. I thought she was much older. I appreciate her fresh perspective on moving past our own mental barriers a lot better now. More, please!
Love it! It’s like a mad scientist approach to sewing! :)
Exactly, great analogy Jenny!
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