There comes a point in the life of every seamstress when you find yourself continually making things for other people - friends, family, clients - and somehow, projects for yourself fall by the wayside.

You may even tell yourself that sewing for yourself is selfish, or just not worthwhile. 

How do you tackle that brain weasel and make it back down long enough to get the joy out of your sewing that you got into it for? Here are a couple of ideas...




I made a shrug to wear to my niece's wedding, last May. And a month before that, my wedding gown.
Eva Andrew
Thanks Cathy...I find myself sketching what I want to sew for myself and possibly making a pattern for it and then sabotaging myself by saying, "oh, but I need to make something for my shop instead of this right now...I need to make money". And the idea/pattern is put aside. The last time I sewed something for myself was last summer...and that was necessity sewing....not fun sewing. Time for the fun sewing!
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