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In keeping with this year's competition theme, I decided to create a corset based on ballet shoes. Since ballet has its roots in Europe, I wanted to create something new by adding a touch of oriental flair.

I chose black and a deep red called Enji in Japanese as my two main colors, and silk shantung as the base. Enji is a traditional color derived from safflowers and has been used to dye kimonos for centuries. I chose gold as an accent color to add an air of luxury and splendor.

I wanted to capture the exciting yet elegant moment of a ballet dancer on one foot through the asymmetrical positioning of the front busk and shifted rear lacing. These playful design choices similar to a shirt buttoned wrong, or a lace missing a grommet may look carefree, but are carefully constructed to fit the curves of the body.

The overall asymmetrical design and juxtaposition of the right and left piece, which are different in size, create a unique and interesting flow to the corset.

Inspired by the beautiful costumes worn by the dancers, I added bead embroidered flowers on the open spaces of both sides as decoration details.

Ballet is not only beautiful as a dance. The costumes, music, and story create a perfect form of art. Realizing such a complex art form as a corset was a difficult task, but I learned many things through this ambitious yet enjoyable experience.

Finally, I would like to thank Foundations Revealed for this opportunity, as well as the viewers and participants of this competition.

Dress Diary
Draping & Corrections
Fitting & Patterns
Making & Details
Photo shoot

What a punchy re-work on the traditional structure of a corset. The technical aspects of it's construction is amazing.
This is so cool, in a mind-bending way! I've often thought of going more asymmetrical with corsets, but you've taken it to a fascinating new level.
The asymmetry is amazing! I love how modern and unique this looks!
The asymmetrical construction of this corset blew me away - it's amazing!
Love your take on the theme and what a great idea with the assymetry!
Yes, that off-kilter front just blew me away! What a cool idea! Fantastic job :)

This is abolustely amazing ! Love how you managed to make something asymetric that still flows around th ebody.

What a great design! I love the asymetry of the cut!
I absolutely *adore* the asymmetry of this piece - slightly unsettling but still such a beautiful shape! Can't even begin to imagine the challenges of pattern cutting behind a piece like this.
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