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Giselle, the most haunting of all the romantic ballets. In creating this corset I sought to capture the melancholy spirit of the ballet, the delicate, gentle beauty of the dancers on stage.

The corset and wings use extremely delicate and fragile antique French laces, over ivory silk and ivory mesh.  Black external boning channels and design lines in almost stain glassed effect, enhance the feminine beauty and delicacy of the piece. Scallop edging on the base of the corset and a gentle petal shape over the bust top edge further soften the lines.

There were several extremely challenging elements to this corset – the first being the lace, which was full of holes due to its age; this made the pattern matching very difficult to achieve.  Some very careful hand stitching was required to repair the lace in places. The mounting of the wings in the correct position, like the Wilis in the ballet, took creative thinking and trial and error. Using soft wire to create a frame for the wings helped to support them in the position required.

Giselle corset was created for the 2015 Oxford Conference of Corsetry. I hoped Mr Pearl would appreciate it (and my inspiration from his own Gaultier/ Dita lace piece). I was ecstatic when he knew straight away my reference point of the ballet, and he particularly loved the wings.


Jennifer Usher
This is so beautiful! I am not familiar with the ballet it references, but it looks so delicate and fragile, I understand totally what you were creating. The wings are amazing too, I'm trying to figure out how they are attached! Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your art!!
This is so so beautiful Danielle! And you looked so stunning in it at OCOC15 <3
I am absolutely in love with this corset, I would love to see it worn!
I think that you know all too well how much I love this piece, so happy to see that you've entered it into this competition! You've used that antique lace just so perfectly, the pattern matching is insane... And don't even get me started on the wings!
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