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icon free sm Laura tackles the single most pressing frustration that FR readers tell us they face: just how do you fit a corset properly?

icon smAmber compares the effect of different construction methods and materials on the same body, with ideas on applying this to clients.

lorodosis iconLumbar hyper lordosis, alias 'sway back', creates a special challenge when drafting a corset. Amber shares her expertise and experience.

icon-smInspired by the gilded form seen in many a Sparklewren photograph, Anya has another go at making a display form - with sparkle!

icon-smAnya continues her dressform journey by documenting her own process of making a body cast for accurate fittings.

icon-smAnya consolidates some of the information on dress forms, discussing different techniques and their various pros and cons.

icon-smThe first of a series in which Anya will summarise her mannequin quest to assist in creating your own dress form or display mannequin.

icon-smMarianne discusses different body types and how to go about creating custom corsets to fit these various forms, from a business perspective.

pt2-iconJenni addresses the combination of patterning, support, body type and fabric to get a perfectly smooth fit.

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