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icon smDocumenting the creation process, the final corset, and the corset on your client are all opportunities to obtain images for your portfolio.

Figure 1: Your brand is your mark. The certain something that makes your work recognisably yours.Your brand is your mark, something that makes your work recognisably yours. At its best, your work should subtly convey your mark with concision and clarity. 

icon smAlison explores the stationery, business cards and print advertising that you need to run a successful business, and how to prepare artwork for these.

icon smLaurie shares some tips on editing the beautiful new photography we've created, along with ideas on the best placement of those images.

Branding for Corsetmakers: Part 2: Communicating Your BrandCommunicating your brand: more on getting your message across, for corsetmakers who want to earn their own money from their work.


icon-smAlison helps steer us through the complicated area of photoshoot types and photography usage rights, as well as some associated legal issues such as permissions.

icon smNow that there are many corsetmakers in business, creating a strong visual identity is increasingly important for your brand.

icon-smAlison gives us some tips and pointers on how to create an effective and long-lasting logo when starting, marketing and promoting a corsetry business.

icon-smMarianne walks us through the steps of setting up a thorough and professional-looking portfolio, a must-have for any creative professional.

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