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icon smMark helps to demystify the art and science of grading garment patterns into a range of sizes, while retaining the original style and function.

icon-smMarianne helps guide us through the task of developing a ready-to-wear corset style, from design through to the final graded patterns.

Drawing flats

Marianne shows you how to produce flats - the clean, professional line drawings that show important construction details for each of your designs.

icon smIn part 2, Mark walks us through grading a bra which has two size variants; bra cup size and band or girth size, for a more advanced grading lesson.

Creating a Line SheetMarianne explains line sheets, the collective representations of your styles, which are used to help you develop, manage, and sell your line.

Advanced FlatsMore on technical fashion drawings known as "flats". You'll learn how to take your corset illustrations to the next level, with Marianne's three keys to beautiful flats.

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