The New Corset Pattern Drafting Masterclass



The tutorial that enables every corsetmaker to create the most unique, beautifully fitting corsets you’ve ever hand-crafted

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"I would LOVE to thank you for actually getting back to me. Every other site hostess I've emailed in regards to their tutorial just gave me something along the lines of "I'm too busy being amazing. Go away." So you rock my socks. Hands down!!" - Chance, USA

Debbie C
I love this because once you have the basic fit right, which is the most important part, then you can learn to be more adventurous. Thanks for sharing this.
The Corsetmaker Revolution in itself is worth the subscription!!! ! I had a blast using the formulas and drafting out my very own corset (all others thus far have been for family and friends.) I have learned, however, that making a mockup is still crucial even though all measurements are plotted! I didn't. :( And paid for it. The corset fit beautifully around the waist and hips and had exactly the 2" gap, but was an "epic fail" as I cut the underarm area much too low and made the sweetheart overbust much too big. It was a great learning experience though and I have a feeling that my next one WITH MOCKUP will be perfect! (Well, they're never perfect are they? - a stitch here, a stitch there ;)

Thank you! Thank you!

I tried the 'recommend to a friend' link but it doesnt work. Is the second part listed anywhere? I have very wide hips so goring is something I really want to learn.
So sorry Laura! I've edited the text to reflect this. Access the additional chapter here.
Rossanne Hamilton

Sorry to bug you, but I've been trying for a couple of days to access the pdf and it isn't working for me. I just see the "wait for it" sign for hours. I'm pretty sure it's not my computer, so was just wondering if there is something wrong with the link?

Thankyou :)

Hi there Lithillify,
Sorry you're having trouble accessing the PDF. It seems to open fine for me, but it is quite a big file (1.6Mb) so it may just be stalling on the download.
Please send me your email address (to and I will try emailing the PDF to you to see if that works better.
Many Thanks,
Polly (Haman Hay web bot)

Rossanne Hamilton
Oh it's working now straight off, how strange! I'll save it so I don't have the problem again. Thankyou for the help :).
Jaqueline Wenger
Thanks for the Tutorial. I tried it an it fits, but there is no reduction and it closed without laceing. Where should i reduce the measurements? Only on the backpanel or on every peace of the pattern a little bit? Thanks for your help!!
Cathy Hay
Good question, Jacqueline, it really depends on the type of corset. If you're going back to the pattern to make another version, then yes, take a bit off each piece, or even better, start again with a 2" smaller waist measurement.

If you want to reduce the size of the corset you've made, then try experimenting with both methods. Take a tuck here or a tuck there, and see what the effect is on the corset as a whole. Begin developing a sense of what looks and feels good to you - there is no hard and fast rule.

Could you please tell me the author of the book corsets and crinolines? The one you used in this tutorial please.
Foundations Revealed

The book is by Norah Waugh


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