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squarepicSewing instructions continually warn us to avoid bulk. But what is "bulk"? Emmalia explains good bulk and bad bulk...

squarepicYou're in charge of costumes for a theatrical production? There's a big task ahead! Lisha Vidler gives her tips on improving theatre costumes.

SquarepicCostuming's complicated at times - learning disabilities can make it more so. Emmalia advises costumers with a learning disability.

squarepicIn the last part of her series, Lisha explains some final wardrobe tricks to ensure your theater production looks professional.

squareWe've all seen costumes that look breathtaking - such as our competition entries. Here Lisha shares 10 tips to help us achieve a top-quality finish. 

SquarepicCostuming can be tricky and learning disabilities add to the challenge. Emmalia shares tips on living and sewing with a learning disability.

squarepicTips on improving theatrical costume, including the tricky issue of skirt, petticoat and hoop length - how long should each be?

squarepicMasks are great fun for carnivals, cosplay or balls. Caroline shows how to make a new accessory that's a real conversation starter.

square-picSewing could try the patience of a saint, but it is possible for an impatient person to sew with ease and pleasure. Alison has tips to help keep frustration at bay.

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