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Learn to handsew, and learn to enjoy it. This is totally necessary to have nicely finished garments.
Kendra Van Cleave



Perfect your handsewing skills. For a professional-looking corset binding, hand sew the binding on the insides.
Tanya Rohler


There is something very special about handsewing. Perhaps it’s the rarity of it. I once bought a vintage dress shirt for a dollar that was completely unwearable. It had been mended and mended and mended, until there was little shirt left between the mends. I loved it. handsewingI loved the care that I could almost feel in all those tiny stitches. Later, I had a notion about making a suit completely by hand; it took three years to finish in my spare time, but that suit virtually glowed, there was such love in it.


Books on the great designers will tell you how vital handfinishing is in couture; again, extra care is rare and wonderful, and furthermore, there’s a precision in handsewing that a machine can never rival.


Tanya reminds us that a smooth binding on a corset edge needs to be handsewn to sit perfectly; Kendra extends this to all types of work, knowing that a well-finished costume needs the human touch to achieve professional completion. Where could a few small stitches secure your latest creation just a little more professionally?


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