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I believe the biggest "thing" that distinguishes my corsets from other people’s is attention to detail, and a sense of perfectionism. That is not to say my corsets are perfect, but rather to point out that I always strive to do my very best in every little detail of my work, whether it be a $1000 corset or a $95 corset. My attention to detail is the same. The price point may determine what materials are used, but no matter the price, I will always take care to make every stitch as nice as I can, cut the pieces as smoothly as possible, wrap it up carefully before I ship it, etc. I don't get sloppy just because I have a deadline or a low profit margin because I like to have confidence in every corset I make.
Alexis Black


The last word goes to Alexis, and I could not agree with her more. The sum of all the parts of this masterclass is in this final piece of advice.


The religious amongst us like to quote that “God is in the details,” and even without religion, the saying still holds. When you admire an object or a person, you want to look more closely. The closer you look, the more you want to be rewarded. You want to see beauty in the little things, and it is the antique shoelittle things that really captivate you. A pretty lining, a lace that’s been beaded to match the silk, a matching binding – something that conveys the impression that extra care has been lavished on this garment. Someone’s attention and someone’s time has been well spent on it, and attention is care. Attention to detail is what puts a garment into a class of its own, and ultimately, attention to detail is what will make your sewing stand out from the crowd.


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