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ornate keysThese fourteen keys will bring a new lease of life to your sewing, and in addition, we hope that you have been reading between the lines. This masterclass is not just about the fourteen keys; it is about the links between them, the attitude to your art that they encourage. Look for the common thread and you will go beyond the achievements possible from any of the individual keys in themselves.


Each one can take your work to a new level, and we hope that by putting them all together you gain the inspiration and insight to meet, and even surpass, all of our achievements. We look forward to being inspired by you as much as you have been inspired by us, thereby completing the circle and rendering us simply a group of artists learning from each other.


We wish you an inspired new beginning and every success in the future!


In the meantime, we welcome your comments and feedback. Do get in touch via the "contact" page and let us know how this Masterclass has affected your work!



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