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I always used to rush through projects and they were never done on time or weren't what I'd imagined. Once I realized it was going to take as long as it took, things got much better.
Kendra Van Cleave



Always allocate to projects the time they deserve. Avoid tight deadlines, as rushing (and shortcuts) are the fastest route to mediocre results.
Laurie Tavan



Some of the things that helped me out most when starting out were related to pacing. I'd make tons of muslins [practice mock-ups] that didn't work and get frustrated. So, I decided to limit myself to one muslin a day. It took more time, but the frustration went away. I also spent more time thinking about each fix, both when I was doing it and afterwards. I found it made things much easier.
Katherine Caron-Greig


antique reeel of thread and needleIf I was going to be grandiose about it, I’d point out that Michaelangelo took more than four years to finish the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Despite that outstanding sacrifice, all we’re aware of now is the towering brilliance of the resulting work.


Your work may be somewhat humbler, but it’s still a work of art. Let it happen on its own timescale.


Ever spoilt a meal by rushing it? Ever created a truly fabulous dish because you took the time and made the ultimate effort for a really special occasion? The same applies to your costumes. Give it your time and your respect and your costume will show off how talented you can be in return.


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