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SmallpicFor all of you who are tired of being confused, Lisha gives us a glossary of sewing and fashion terms translated from British English to American English.

icon free smIt's always worth revisiting the basic techniques that we give little thought to, just to check there's nothing we've missed...

icon free smThree quick head-start techniques to help beginners attract maximum compliments with minimum blood, sweat and tears.

squarepicWe all keep various presser feet in our sewing arsenal, but do we use them all, or know how to get the best from each? Lisha shows us what they're for. 

icon free smSewing with a child around can be frustrating for the adult and dangerous for the child. Here are some tips.

icon free smWant to make the leap from home-made look to couture quality? Here are the best sewing tips from some great costumers.

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