SquarepicCostuming can be tricky and learning disabilities add to the challenge. Emmalia shares tips on living and sewing with a learning disability.

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Great topic! I have struggled with what I always thought was a mild form of dyslexia all my life. Ironically I notice it the most when I am sewing. Technically speaking it may be more of a non-verbal LD since it isn't reading or writing that I struggle with but the spatial reasoning. Left side, right side, wrong side, right side kinds of things. It isn't a mild confusion thing. It is a chronic, reoccurring brain miscommunicatio n. I have learned to deal with it but I must take extra time to plan around. It used to make me feel really poorly about my abilities, especially being accused by my college costume design professor of not concentrating or lacking focus to take a job seriously. I decided I loved sewing too much to let her opinion keep me down though. A few years after that I heard a speaker talking about dyslexia and the unique ways it can manifest to different degrees. I no longer talk down to myself or get as frustrated. I try to be more patient with my brain :-)
Very well written article. I have dyslexia but have never let it stop me! I have a degree in Radiography and specialize in cardiac. I have a pilot’s license. I was told I couldn’t do either because of my LD. I said, watch me! I found if there’s a true desire, you can do it. Yes, it takes me longer to do everything; especially while I’m learning it for the first time. But who cares! I think it helps to have a great support team to help you. When I’m doing math calculations, I have my husband double check my work. I have to study harder to truly understand it but it’s so worth it. And if I make a mistake, I accept it’s just part of life and move forward.

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